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x "I found it and it filled the boat."

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What people think Old English is: Thou art indeed a fine lad, prithee yonder! Wherefore arest mine pantalones?
What it actually is: Syððan ǽrest wearð feasceaft funden, hé þæs frófre gebád, wéox under wolcnum weorðmyndum þáh, oð þæt him ǽghwylc ymbsittendra ofer hron-ráde hýran scolde, gomban gyldan. Þæt wæs gód cyning!
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History’s Vikings: Siggy (2/?)

History’s Vikings: Siggy (2/?)
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Interesting. Please, tell me more.

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Every life is for the purpose of finding out why you have come and how to experience the most that you can. The life is yours. It is not designated as a way to help others, either family or society. You have no requirement to do something meaningful for society. You have the idea that you have obligations left unfulfilled. No, you do not.

Continue to enjoy yourself with no sense of guilt. Experiment with various talents such as art, music, or writing, if it suits you to find something that can occupy more of your time – it may lead to something you can share with others. For now, search for total love of self, and congratulate yourself for all your accomplishments.


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